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We are soon to add a link to the Resource Centre catalogue, but in the meantime to give you an idea of what there is to borrow, here is a quick summary of our stock. Following each heading are a few examples of stock from this category.
Sports: football, tennis, cricket, hockey, pogo stick, helmets, sports days’ equipment.
Games: space hoppers, giant outdoor board-games, circus skills, parachutes.
Arts and Crafts: Glitter making kit, sock puppet making kit, bicycle decorating kit
Imaginative Play: junk-modelling box, dressing up box
Scrap: Carpet tiles, fluorescent rip stop (streamers), plastic tubs, recycled fabric.
Environmental Activities: pond dipping, bird feeder making, soap making, tree Investigation, mini beasts investigation
Essentials: wellington boots, water carriers, safety bags
Fire and Cooking: kelly kettles and fire woks
Adventure and Survival: shelter building kits, rope ladders and swings.

To be sent a hard copy catalogue or membership pack, please email or call us. You can also download a membership form using the link below.

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  1. Would you mind to send me a hard copy catalogue to the address bellow?

    Aslhey down after school club
    139, Muller road
    BS7 9RE



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