Summer Play Program

The Out2Play team are really busy this summer, not only with their regular play sessions which continue through out the year in Hartcliffe and Knowle West, but also with one off Playdays and Puzzle Island sessions.

We are spending 5 weeks piloting a new drop-in Puzzle Island program in Bishopsworth and Stockwood from 27th July – 27th August. We will hold this imaginative outdoor game in local parks and encourage children to navigate the island, rise to challenges and bring the ‘magic’ back.

We will in involved in the huge notorius Bristol Playday, College Green on 5th August providing challenging adventure play along with all the Bristol Play Rangers.

We are offering an exciting Playday in Knowle West on Broadplain House playingfield, Wednesday 19th August 11-4pm with a summer fair theme.  Play Rangers will be at most the Big P events in Harcliffe, Willmotte Park held on Wednesdays during the summer holidays as well as at the Millenium Green Funday on 3rd August.

All this and much more ……..

for details call us on 0117 978 2187

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