Play Rangers – where and when?

Play Rangers – providing free, fun and healthy play for all children in outdoor green spaces


Play Rangers promote free and inclusive play to school aged children. We provide fun, challenging and healthy play in open green spaces and parks. Play Ranger sessions are offered in after-school time, all year round and in any weather. We bring a range of activities from sports to crafts, offering safe risk-taking such as cooking on fires and making rope swings. Play Rangers aim to actively listen to children to ensure the sessions are child-led.

Play is a critical part of a child’s life, allowing for learning and social development, as well as building the blocks for a healthy lifestyle. The provision of play opportunities in communities across the UK is crucial in ensuring all children have equal access to play environments, regardless of their background and circumstances. Outdoor play is now seen as very important to community life.
Play England recently commented that ‘Play Rangers are a strong feature in most local authority play strategies.’

Play Rangers aim to keep children safe and, at the same time, provide challenges and risks with lots of outdoors fun, come rain or shine. Trained play workers help create positive opportunities for children to feel involved within their local community, as well as allowing children of all ages and backgrounds to play together safely. We provide support for children to resolve conflicts, allowing them to challenge each other and negotiate problems in a positive way.

Where and When?playrangers2

Knowle West from 3.15 – 6pm

Tuesdays – Parkpod at Knowle West Health Park, Downton Rd

Wednesday – Broad Plain House, Broadbury Rd

Thursdays – Opposite Eagle House Youth Club, Newquay Rd

Hartcliffe and Withywood – from 3 – 5.30pm

Mondays and Wednesdays – Parkpod at Willmotte Park, Moxham Drive, Hartcliffe

Thursdays – Withywood Park, Keble Ave, Withywood

Sessions will run in any weather

-Sessions are free of charge and open to all school age children, but under 8’s need to be accompanied by a  parent, carer or older sibling.

-Children attending need to be able to walk to and from the session as we may occasionally have to cancel or finish sessions early.

-For their safety during the winter we encourage children to go home as it starts to get dark

For more information contact Out2Play – 0117 9782187

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